ERGON Mykonos has been created as a way of putting all our creativity, imagination, style and Greek spirit in a single brand and every time taking out a unique product, idea or piece of art.  Ergon has been established more than 5 years ago as a brand that showcases the union of several expressions of art: architecture, product design, fashion design and installation design.  Under the Ergon “Umbrella” you will find the curious and creative spirit of Marietta Karpathiou and her team showcasing itself in several forms.

The RTW collections are housed in the flagship store in the heart of Mykonos island and several boutique stores around the world. The unique handmade Ergon Items, collections of pottery, home objects and artefacts as well as Ergon textiles, such as beach towels, pillowcases, tea towels and more created on ancient greek references in a pop style. Ergon Mykonos brand represents the fusion of arts, styles, cultures and eras and is always open to new additions and challenges. 


Marietta Karpathiou, Creative Director & Founder  of Ergon has managed to materialise her experience in architecture and her artistic nature into a brand that embodies her vision of daily art along with the timeless inventiveness the Greek spirit. Since her childhood she has had strong artistic influences which took form in her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. George Pavlakis, Managing Director of Ergon Mykonos & Margarita Dimitriadou’s, Graphic Designer, complete the collective art spirit. The whole team creates in a “brainstorming” sense every product and strategy.


The Hellenes

The ancient Greek aesthetics cover centuries & are defined by philosophical arguments. This connection of philosophy, science, architecture and beauty has always been the core of our brand. The current collection of ergon mykonos is inspired and has “blossomed” through the spirit of the Hellenic period. The theory of beauty back then attributed Beauty to PROPORTION, FUNCTIONALITY and FORM. All three attributes are present in the new designs: Geometry, Artistic Harmony, Natural elements in forms and shapes that resemble the Greek life and environment, motifs with hellenistic statues combined with colours & textures of today’s Greece.  The design of the clothes has remained faithful to Functionality and love for the woman of today. Free sizes, loose fabrics, an air of freedom in every movement. The manufacture of the textiles is made through the ancient method of the loom, but this time the handmade process has been replaced by the Hellenistic mechanical loom. Every motif has a repetition of 25cm, a technique followed in Greece during that period and the fabric is 100% pure cotton. A magical process for the creators that leads to an authentically Hellenic collection with designs, textiles and fabrics that glorify the woman of today.