Ergon Mykonos : Minoan Pasiphaë

All of the Ergon Mykonos creations are inspired by the images of Greek mythology, elements and materials of our rich culture and are customised to the contemporary, minimal aesthetic & pop culture. The Minoans S/S 17 collection is inspired by the myth of Minotaur, the findings of Knossos ruins and the way of life of the Minoans, the first European civilisation, discovered in the island of Crete.


The lines of the designs, the fabrics and the motifs are influenced by the colours, the art and the fashion of the Minoan society, a society that put women in the spotlight. In combination with the contemporary history of Crete, the tradition in homemade fabrics and the worldwide fashion influences, the collection uses handmade fabrics with motifs, colours and patterns that embrace the female figure in a airy, elegant and aristocratic way. The Minoan red, a main element of the palace, the maximal jewellery of Pasiphaë, the Minoan Queen and the handcrafted belts gave the inspiration for this year’s unique outfits of Ergon Mykonos.

With the Amphora as a symbol, Ergon Mykonos leads the victorious blend of ancient Greek heritage and modern life, instilling a fresh style into the contemporary aspects of art. In collaboration with art technicians from all over Greece, the brand combines Greek modernized symbols with high quality materials, such as leather, gold and local natural fabrics, to transform culture into innovative pop designs. Minimal lines, style and modern techniques define the product line, presented through a range of modern compositions of everyday life; jewelry, clothing, accessories even homeware.

The designer Marietta Karpathiou, in 2014, creates a new space and hosts her idea of an art concept store, Ergon Mykonos. Her thought was, nevertheless, fashion-oriented with a fresh, pleasant aspect, where she would combine her experiences and knowledge in architecture of façades and interior spaces, with the requirements of time and fashion. Her source of inspiration is anything Greek that has ever influenced the Greeks or have made them travel. From a painting of Tsarouchis to the Parthenon and up to a poem of Cavafy.

Common view of aesthetics as well as mutual appreciation, brought together Marietta, with the EBGE awarded graphic designer Margarita Dimitriadou. Along with George Pavlakis, as artistic director, with long experience in fashion retail, they are the core team of Ergon Mykonos, inspiring and getting inspired by the brand.

Source: the greek designers