Ergon Mykonos pays homage to Greece’s past with design for the present

As someone who studied history and art history, I can’t help but gravitate towards that which celebrates past imprints of human consciousness. While many Greek designers reinterpret the past and celebrate its folklore, no one does it with the same panache as Ergon Mykonos.

The conceptual brand plays off different elements of Greek history in its collections, and this year’s focus on Knossos captured my heart. With designs spanning clothing, shoes, and clever household items, Ergon’s creative output is impressive. The brand’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship is visible in each and every piece and at every layer of execution, from fabric selection to the thoughtful concepts behind each item.

Delphi Reclaimed had the privilege of having an inspiring conversation with the brand’s founder and head designer Marietta Karpathiou.

Ergon Mykonos celebrates the rich legacy of Greek folklore in its exquisitely made designs

I love that you mix ancient motifs with newer Greek folk craftsmanship techniques. This must take a lot of research! Tell me a bit about where you find this inspiration.

Yes, this is how we work and this is the general concept behind my designs. This story begins from my childhood years as I grew up in a family with intense influences from art, architecture & aesthetics. This led me to study in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and from then on everything that I have created has a mixture of history, renovation, architectural elements, craftmanship but most of all the Greek spirit and inventiveness throughout the ages. So my daily inspiration can come from a Greek work of art, a poem, a derelict building or a sunset in Mykonos.

Are all your items produced in Mykonos? Are you a collective of designers or is there one mastermind, as it were?

All of our items are handmade and unique and for the most part are created inside our concept store in Mykonos, in an open air space where the customer can be part of the creative process. Our fabrics though, which are exclusively handmade and revive the ancient tradition of the loom are produced by Greek women who still use and master this technique in several parts of Greece.

We are a team of good friends and creative minds. I imagine, conceptualise and design each collection and of course create the in-store handmade items (bags, shoes), Giorgos Pavlakis is the Artistic Director of the brand and responsible for PR & Sales and Margarita Dimitriadou, the Creative Director who creates all the graphic elements of the brand.

Tell me about your inspiration for this recent season. (In LOVE the green hues, by the way).

The Minoans: S/S 2017 Collection is inspired by the myth of Minotaur, by the findings of Knossos ruins and the way of life of the Minoans, the first European civilisation, discovered in the island of Crete.