From the whitewashed stone streets of the Cyclades, to the pavements of Athens, people are talking about the new Greek label, Ergon Mykonos. Featuring beautifully embroidered caftans, tunics, tops and skirts, as well as a fully customizable collection of covetable espadrilles, 'ergon's designs all bear witness to the traditional ingenuity, skills and craftsmanship of their homeland of Greece. Incorporating any of the collection's items into one's daily life are sure to impart it with a storytelling thread that is as ancient as Delos itself.

The 'ergon Mykonos concept store began in order to highlight Greek heritage through a strong fusing of artisanship and art from all over Greece, while combining it with modernist pop references and designs. Customers are invited to become a part of this process through the shop's Design Lab, wherein one can customize their choice of espadrilles, sandals, bags or t-shirts with unique findings gathered from all corners of Greece. Now, that is definitely the perfect keepsake to take home from an amazing summer holiday! 

ERGON MYKONOS SS16Art direction: George PavlakisPhotographer: Kwnstantinos MalekakisMake up artist & Hair: Elena PsomaModels: Antigoni Tantsi & Theresa (d.models)

Source: yatzer