΄Ergon Mykonos is a luxury brand featuring elegant, modern, handmade artifacts of high quality and genuine craftsmanship, inspired by the Greek heritage. Situated in the very heart of Mykonos island, ’΄ergon Mykonos is housed in a sophisticated concept store where inspiration and design transform Greek culture into imaginative and innovative artworks.

Marietta Karpathiou, the founder, has a passion for Ancient Greek Art and a knowledge of Design from her studies at the Rome School of Art and Design. ’΄Ergon Mykonos’ creative team, with Yorgos Pavlakis as Art Director and Margarita Dimitriadi as Graphic Designer, intrigue traditional icons and Greek modernized symbols in high quality materials such as leather, gold and Greek natural fabrics, combined in the most creative ways, and they present them in a simple and stylish atmosphere, aligned with the fineness of the local surroundings.

Greek fabrics and materials combined in an original and innovative way 

Tradition and style blend with modern techniques to define the product line of ’΄Ergon Mykonos, which is presented through a range of modern compositions of everyday life; jewelry, clothing, accessories even homeware. The store also features exclusively a specially designed line of clothing and jewels, made of top quality material, reflecting the direct influence by Ancient Greece.

Their newest experience is to allow the client to tailor and co create a Greek holiday memory inside the shop’s design laboratory where a custom espadrille, leather sandals, hats, bags or t-shirts can be artfully made on the spot! On entering the store, a warm and comfort design lab invites you to push your creativity’s boundaries, dive into a designer’s mind and become thecreator of your personal design.

Free spirit, wild imagination and personal touch are all you need to create your own “Ergon”; only at ’΄Ergon Mykonos. The place of expression where everything is possible!

Does it all sound Greek to you? Join us and find out…