Independent Collaborations:

Antonis Kastrinakis & Ergon Mykonos

The new limited edition of products is inspired by the timeless ship and landmark of Antonis Kastrinakis and the Greek patterns of Ergon Mykonos. A union of visual art with Greek fashion design.

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kastrinakis boat 34cm
kastrinakis boat 34cm
kastrinakis boat 34cm

Collaboration with Cannes Film Festival

‘ergon Mykonos received an invitation by Martin Petrov, the Festival Director of WoFF (World of Film International Festival) to provide the gifts of all celebrities of Cannes Film Festival attending the Fliff’s 34th annuals Beach Soiree party on the 18th of May. All guests received the cycladic head bottle stopper painted in red so as to unite the cultures of France and Greece. France is represented by the red color as the hostess of Cannes’ Film festival with its red carpet and Greece by the cycladic head which stands for the Greek ancient herritage of the cycladic civilization.

Coco-mat installation

In cooperation with the clothing brand ‘ergon Mykonos, coco mat brand following the core philosophy of the company which is the use of natural materials, will present a series of installation in the heart of Athens, in Kolonaki. ‘Ergon Mykonos and coco-mat worked on a series of installations in certain areas of the hotel having as an aim to showcase how through the use of natural materials and handmade processes, art can come to form in several creations. ‘Ergon Mykonos brand having as a core value of its culture the use of natural and handmade materials in its creations along with the incorporation of art and history in its every product, comes to add its own “point of view” in the unique spaces of the hotel. The exhibition with the installations will last from the 15th of May until the 15th of September and every month the theme will change creating an artistic challenge for the visitor. In the installations we will use the unique wooden Cocomat bike and the pillows of the company and handmade pieces of clothing with unique motifs inspired by the Greek history from the latest collection of ‘ergon Mykonos, “the Athenians”. You are welcome to visit Coco mat Hotel Athens to begin your own journey through the nature, history and art of contemporary Greece..

‘ergon Mykonos enters Not just a Label

We are happy to be a member of NOT JUST A LABEL’S community under the Black Sheep selection. Not just a label is the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneer’s in contemporary fashion. Founded in 2008 NJAL represents designers for more than 150 countries. Its mission is to support emerging designers with creativity and authentic brand dna and built a supportive fashion industry in which they can thrive. In particular Not just a label’s black sheep, is a selection of designers from Njal community that the scouting team has identified as being expecially innovative, pioneering and striking in their work.

Choe candles collaboration 

‘ergon mykonos collaborates with CHOE brand that creates candles from natural and high quality ingredients such as pure beeswax, natural soy wax and almond oil. Ergon mykonos designs three packages and creates three different Mediterranean scents that relate to Greek environment, jasemin, incense and basilicum. The packaging of the candles is designed by ‘ergon Mykonos and depicts the Lion terrace from the site of Delos, an ancient Kouros and an ancient Kore.

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Ode collaboration

‘ergon Mykonos collaborated with Ode to create a high quality pair of unisex socks made from Greek cotton. The coming together of the two Greek brands who share common ethical beliefs struggling to support Greek production and local artisans is a strong match. Ode is a strong believer that happiness means enjoying the little things in life just like a pair of socks. Every piece of Ode’s collection has its own story and character. Each socks-heroes are symbolizing characters that express ecumenical, global meanings about life, love, humanity etc.Our David Bowie idol is the first from our idol series to become Ode’s character-hero. Cozy and stylish, Ziggy stardust is the absolute idol for such collaboration.

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Theana collaboration 

‘ergon Mykonos spark of creativity and brand ethos aligned together with Theana fashion and lifestyle brand for the creation of this summer’s beach bag. Sharing the same love and admiration for Greece’s rich cultural heritage we curated the ultimate summer accessory. Dioklyteia is a comfortable and spacious beach bag designed under sustainable principles and core values that we both share. It is made from 100% Greek cotton with patterns inspired by the Byzentine era. Its patterns revive ancestral and authentic historical symbols and tales of the byzantine empire. The colours and symbols honour a great empire and epitomize both brands DNA’s ultimately provoking emotions of admiration and respect for the byzantine empire and its great philosophy and art. 

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Blue dream collaboration

Blue dream is an annual summer gala, one of the largest charitable fundraisers of the Greek american community. It is held every summer by the dormition of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Hamptons and raises money for different purposes. Last year ‘ergon Mykonos supported the event in two ways. We offered some of the gala’s outfits and jewelery that were worn by special guests and we gave also jewelry and clothes for the auction.

‘ergon Mykonos at London Museum for the exhibition “Contemporary Minoans: Cretan culture, source of inspiration”

‘ergon Mykonos is invited to participate at a high-level cultural event, organised at the initiative of Cultural Organisation Branding Heritage (BH) with the support of the Region of Crete and the Greek National Tourism Organisation UK & Ireland.  Distinguished academics and designers from Europe come together in London to showcase the everlasting influence of Minoan culture on the global contemporary creation scene (fashion, gastronomy, music, art). The Minoans, Europe’s earliest advanced civilisation, continue to capture the imagination of archaeologists and artists alike.  Ergon Mykonos created an outfit inspired by the rich  findings of Knossos and the elegant, yet fashionable Snake Godess, wearing the typical minoan skirt with apron and a tight bustier that revealed her breasts. In combination with the contemporary history of Crete, the tradition in homemade fabrics and the worldwide fashion influences, ergon mykonos created weaved fabrics on electrical looms imitating the ancient weaving technique trying to capture the image of the Minoan woman in today’s time. The event is held under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministries of Culture and the Embassy of Greece to the United Kingdom

‘ergon Mykonos for the Cycladic Museum of Art, fashion project “Cycladic Forms” curated by Michalis Pantos.

ergon Mykonos inspired by the Cycladic civilization and specifically by the famous Cycladic head, created for the Museum of Cycladic Art one t-shirt combining two idols with their unique history in a timeless bond. The Cycladic Idol, symbol of Cycladic civilization 3000 bc and the lightning symbol of David Bowie during 70’s, which marked a whole generation. The Art of then and then in a synthesis of Now. Two symbols, two times, two different art forms. The t-shirts and hoodies were designed for and sold at the art shop of the Cycladic Museum.

‘ergon Mykonos for Benaki Museum project Kubaras

Project Kubaras was an initiative of Benaki Museum Shop. Artists and designers were asked to decorate Greek traditional piggybanks exclusively for the Benaki Museum with a common aim to support students of Special Education schools through the Museum’s Educational Programmes. ‘ergon Mykonos was part of this collaboration and created two unique piggybank pieces inspired by ancient Greece.

‘ergon Mykonos for Benaki Museum

‘ergon Mykonos created a unique line of espadrilles especially for Benaki Museum. Unique handmade espadrilles decorated with gold-plated byzantine coin replicas inspired by the museum’s private collection. The coins depicted Empress Irene who reigned from780 to 802 ad.