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Contemporary idols with their unique history in a timeless bond. Tribute to the idol line, is a
collection of  t-shirts designed to bring together the remarkable Cycladic idol and contemporary idols of the previous
century. The controversial and minimal figure of the Cycladic idol is used as a plain background on which two Greek
heroic figures who gave everything for the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman Empire, are depicted on this year's
collection. Bouboulina was a woman who stood out in a society that did not give
opportunities to women, she was a woman with a strong personal life, passion,
courage, with two marriages, six children and legendary ties. A woman who
sacrificed everything for the struggle for freedom, giving all her property – to support
the Revolution. This strong personality emerges as a "heroic idol" at a time when the
difficulties in Greece are great. Bouboulina becomes the idol that inspires, gives self-
confidence and generates strength
Made in Greece
*All t-shirts are made to order take 1-3 working days. Thank you for your patience
and for supporting a zero waste brand.
**If you wish a true to size fit, purchase a smaller size than your standard size.

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XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

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machine wash

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woven 100% Greek cotton



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After years of experimentation we design and produce luxurious qualitative woven textiles. We are the first to have combined different features and techniques in looming. The combination of the threads along with the knitting design and the final treatment is something that has never been done before. The fabrics are made of 100% Greek cotton and treated with fil coupé technique, a versatile technique used on a variety of fibers to give them a refined texture. After that the fabrics are sanforized, so as to prevent the normal dimensional alternation of warp and weft and finally they are bleached and collared to get their final touch.



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