Luv Michael & Ergon Mykonos

We support Luv Michael to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day 2.4. Now more than ever its time to show that fashion, in addition to being “revolutionary”, can and must be ethical! This belief drove us to collaborate with an organization dedicated to advocating for autism acceptance. Over the years, we have worked with Luv Michael to donate and advocate for autism acceptance, but this year, the Luv Michael brand advances our mood. Together, we celebrate all dimensions, similar and different – staying authentic to Greece. Through a capsule collection of unique and innovative utility items, we lay the foundation for full support and the evolution of Luv Michael in Greece. The entire collection will be available from the beginning of June in the online store of our e-shop.

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Alma Zois

Recognizing the importance of every woman facing an indirect or direct threat, to have access to information on health issues and psychosocial support, ‘ergon Mykonos supports the Panhellenic organization Alma Zois. We designed Hope idol, a unique t-shirt from the tribute to the idol series, dedicated to all female “idols” who are breast cancer survivors, or are challenged by breast cancer, or simply support and participate in the fight against breast cancer. We stand by the side of every woman who is facing a challenge by donating 50% of the proceeds from Hope Idol to Alma Zois. Fashion apart from “Revolutionary” can and ought to be ethical with social morality.

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Branding Heritage Cultural Organization collaboration

A percentage of proceeds from this dress will be donated directly to Branding Heritage Cultural Organization. Branding Heritage highlights the worldwide influence of ancient Greek culture as an everlasting source of inspiration for contemporary designers and creators across borders. BH is devoted to promote cultural heritage, to foster creativity, production and entrepreneurship, to develop a cultural audience and to produce cultural value.

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