the loom

Ergon Mykonos is leading Greek fashion by offering new traits to the traditional looming technique. From the Homeric epics until the old grandmothers of the previous century the ancient loom is the oldest man-made construction involved in the fabric process.

Looming is an art that combines imagination and skill. t is a lost and forgotten technique that we believe its contemporary revival, is our duty to save, protect and maintain, since it is closely related to Greek history and tradition and gives the fabric special quality and aesthetics. All our textiles are made through the ancient method of the loom, but this time the handmade process has been replaced by the Hellenistic mechanical loom.

After 6 years of experimentation we have mastered a new weave. Although its features are not new, the combination of the threads, the knitting and final treatment of the fabric is something that has never been done before. We proud ourselves as been the first Greek textile designers that have combined different weavings and techniques to create our luxury fabrics. The fabrics are treated with fil coupé technique, a very versatile technique used on a variety of fibers to give them a refined texture. They are sanforized, so as to prevent the normal dimensional alternation of warp and weft and finally they are bleached and collared to get their final touch. Textiles created on loom made from Greek cotton, offer extensive breathability and are the safest solution for your skin.