Ergon Mykonos is an exclusive brand featuring elegant, unique, handmade artefacts of high quality and genuine craftsmanship, inspired by the Greek heritage. In collaboration with art technicians from all over Greece, Ergon Mykonos combines Greek symbolism & tradition with high quality materials, such as leather, gold and handmade natural fabrics,

to transform culture into innovative, natural & pop designs.  Minimal lines, Grecian style and contemporary techniques define the product line, presented through a range of compositions of everyday life; jewellery, clothing, accessories even home ware.


The love for art and the love of fashion as art of Marietta Karpathiou is filled with the essence of Greece and contemporary design and is embodied in the ergon mykonos collections. Every single design or item invites you to travel in time and the culture of Greece and stands as a piece of art on its own. What makes the brand unique is the use of exclusive, handmade textiles, that follow the Greek technique of the loom that has survived through the centuries. The MMMM discovers and supports young fashion designers, from France and the Mediterranean basin. Ergon Mykonos was selected to represent Greece in last year’s OPENMYMED prize among 56 countries and made it to the 10 finalists.

Marietta, Founder & Designer of the brand, with intense artistic and architectural influences throughout her childhood and with distinctions in her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, has managed to materialise her experience in architecture and product design into a brand that embodies her vision of clothing and items which carry the timeless inventiveness of Greece, the Greek spirit and its innovation. In her collections she wishes to unite several points in time, trends, the geography and Greek aesthetic heritage that evolves daily.

The story behind each collection by ergon mykonos comes from the images and tales of Greek mythology, elements & materials of our rich past & is customised to the contemporary, minimal aesthetic & artistic glance of the designer

The personal touch of the brand is reinforced with the exclusive approach of George Pavlakis, Artistic Director of ergon mykonos & Margarita Dimitriadou’s, Creative Designer, artistic displays of the Greek past. 

The conceptual brand is constantly developing,  inspiring others in the field of fashion and growing as the love for the Grecian style grows internationally. 

Ergon mykonos, in a short amount of time has brought the Greek Spirit into our every day life and is currently housed in exclusive boutiques & concept stores in Greece and several parts of the world. 


The Minoans: S/S 2017 Collection is inspired by the myth of Minotaur, by the findings of Knossos ruins and the way of life of the Minoans, the first European civilisation.


The lines of the designs, the fabrics and the motifs are influenced by the colours, the art and the fashion of the Minoan society, a society that put women in the spotlight. In combination with the contemporary history of Crete, the tradition in homemade fabrics and the worldwide fashion influences, the collection uses handmade fabrics with motifs, colours and patterns that embrace the female figure in a airy, elegant and aristocratic way. The Minoan red-a main element of the palace-, the maximal jewellery of the Minoan Queen and the handcrafted belts gave the inspiration for this year’s unique outfits of Ergon Mykonos.


The shoe prints are inspired by the mythical monster, Minotaur and become statement items with the element of custom made and with a minimal and pop approach.


Inspired by the thread that princes Ariadne gave to Theseus to escape the Labyrinth, our Homeware collection follows the aesthetics of Minoan and Cycladic art and presents unique handmade items with their own personality, and with references to the Greek history.